Good First Issues

The following is intended for project maintainers when triaging issues and deciding to label them as a good first issue. It is meant to serve as a guide on good practices only as each issue is different. This designation will be at the discretion of a maintainer.

In this template we will assume this may be the contributor’s first pull request in The Athens Project.

NOTE: Although this is written with maintainers in mind, anyone writing an issue with the goal of helping first time contributors is welcome to use this template as their guide.

Generally we will still want to try and follow the issue template for bugs or features. If you are performing issue triage you may need to add more information to fulfill the below template.


New to Athens?

If you are new to the project, and you haven’t already, please take some time to read our contribution docs.

What needs to be done?

The issue should contain a detailed outline of the bug or feature.

This should include links to any relevant references both within and outside of the project. Other issues, pull requests or comments. It could also include relevant links to our docs or maybe blogs posts.

Try to include ideas of what good a starting place might be, or anything that has been experimented with already.

New To Open Source

If you are new to open source, using git or GitHub, or just want some workflow tips, head over to our new contributor guide.

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