Filtering modules

The proxy supports the following three use cases

  1. Fetches a module directly from the source (upstream proxy)
  2. Exclude a particular module
  3. Include a module in the local proxy.

These settings can be done by creating a configuration file which can be pointed by setting either FilterFile in or setting ATHENS_FILTER_FILE as an environment variable.

Writing the configuration file

Every line of the configuration can start either with a

  • + denoting that the module has to be included by the proxy
  • D denoting that the module has to be fetched directly from an upstream proxy and not stored locally
  • - denoting that the module is excluded and will not be fetched into the proxy or from the upstream proxy

It allows for # to add comments and new lines are skipped. Anything else would result in an error

Sample configuration file

# This is a comment


# get golang tools directly

In the above example, is fetched directly from the upstream proxy. All the modules from from are excluded except

Adding a default mode

The list of modules can grow quickly in size and sometimes may want to specify configuration for a handful of modules. In this case, they can set a default mode for all the modules and add specific rules to certain modules that they want to apply to. The default rule is specified at the beginning of the file. It can be an either +, - or D

An example default mode is


In the above example, all the modules are fetched directly from the source. is excluded and is stored in the proxy storage.

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