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Athens is a Server for Your Go Packages

Welcome, Gophers! Athens is an open source enterprise ready Go Module proxy with extensive configuration for a variety of online and offline usecases. It is in use for anti-censorship, compliance, data privacy, and data continuity usecases in homes and corporations across the globe today.

How To Get Started?

Run docker run -p '3000:3000' gomods/athens:latest

Then, set up your GOPROXY and go get going!

export GOPROXY=http://localhost:3000 && go get module@v1

When you’re ready to run something more production ready, Athens can run on on a variety of platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Alibaba, and bare metal.

What Does Athens Do?

Athens is an implementation of the Go Module proxy. Go clients talk to Athens to retrieve packages at its most basic level. Athens supports many usecases on top of that basic premise.

Not Ready to try Athens Yet?

Here are some other ways to get involved:

  • Read the full walkthrough with setting up, running and testing the Athens proxy explores this in greater depth.
  • Join our office hours! It’s a great way to meet folks working on the project, ask questions or just hang out. All are welcome to join and participate.
  • Check out our issue queue for good first issues
  • Join us in the #athens channel on the Gophers Slack

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