Office Hours

Athens developers get together for an hour or so approximately every week on a video chat to learn and discuss a part of the codebase. The hour is relatively unstructured, but generally it starts out with a core maintainer (usually @arschles) going into the details of a part of the codebase. From there, we just go where the questions take us.

This is a great opportunity for new community members to get more involved with the project in a low-pressure setting. It’s also a great setting for existing community members to gain a deeper understanding into the codebase.

We meet at this zoom video chat URL:

Absolutely everybody is welcome to attend these meetings. You’re free to suggest topics to talk about, share your perspective, and participate as little or much as you’d like.

You don’t have to be a contributor to attend.


All office hours happen using the zoom software. Before you come to the meeting, please make sure you have installed the zoom client using this link:

If you’d like to attend an office hours, please join the #athens channel in the Gophers Slack Group. An announcement will be made on Tuesday mornings to remind folks before the office hours start. You can also follow @arschles and/or @gomods on Twitter to get these announcements.

Usually, office hours are at 2pm (14:00) US Pacific time on Tuesdays.

The Zoom Software

Also, if you are using a Mac, there is a vulnerability that can allow arbitrary websites to activate your camera without your permission. Please see here for more information.

If you haven’t updated your Zoom software since July 10, 2019, please do so to fix this issue.

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