Known Limitations

Go Modules is still behind an experimental flag and therefore it’s important to know how Athens can help you now until all issues in the upstream of Go modules are resolved.

What Athens can do well now

  • Athens works will within a CI/CD system that installs your modules without needing a vendor folder.
  • Athens works well inside your own company without exposing it to unlimited public traffic.

Known Limitations

Unable to download a module from the proxy by a commit hash

Go Modules work nicely with go get. You can go get a version from Athens by doing something like: GOPROXY=<athens-url> go get

However, sometimes you just want to install a package by its branch or commit sha, such as go get or go get

This works well without using a GOPROXY. But there’s a known issue that prevents GOPROXY=<athens-url> go get pkg@commit-hash from working.

Until this issue is resolved and Athens adapts a solution for it as well, we recommend that you don’t use Athens to get a module by a revision or branch.


When you want to include a new library in your program by “branch”, just do go get This will put a real semver pseudo version inside your go.mod file. From that point on, you can use the GOPROXY to get the same exact version.