Developer Meetings

Every Thursday, Athens developers get together for one hour on a video chat to discuss the state of the project, and any specific development topics that are going on.

We meet at this zoom video Chat URL:

Absolutely everybody is welcome to attend these meetings, suggest topics to talk about, share your perspective, and participate as little or much as they’d like.

You don’t have to be a contributor to attend

Meeting Details

We rotate the time of the meeting weekly, so that as many people as possible get a chance to attend the meeting at a time appropriate for their time zone.

We schedule and keep track of all of the meetings via, so check out our meetup page: to keep up to date on the next meeting.

Each developer meeting starts with a quick update on the project from the maintainers, and then we discuss things on the agenda.

All developer meetings happen using the zoom software. Before you come to the meeting, please make sure you have installed the zoom client using this link:


The agenda google doc is where we keep track of what to talk about each week. Anybody can edit it, so if you want to talk about a topic, write it down in a bullet point under the appropriate week, and we’ll talk about it if time permits. Please follow these guidelines when you add your topic:

  • If there are already topics listed, please add yours to the bottom of the list
  • If the date of the next meeting is not listed, please add it as a heading above all the previous dates. Copy the format of the previous date when you add it

Here’s an example of how to suggest a topic:

  • (Bob) Let’s talk about something cool!
  • (Alice) Let’s talk about cool thing #2!
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